Hiking trip: The old priest's road

Prestavegen (The old priest's road)
Prestavegen (The old priest's road)

Hiking map
Orienteering map (click here to download (PDF, 873 kB))

Starting and ending point

At the church in Ådland

Gravelled road in decent condition, with signs giving information on cultural history. Path.
Information board at the parking lot.

Green and blue

Height difference
20 meters

Distance and amount of time necessary
About 3 km (2 miles).
The hike takes about 2 hours in total (both ways)

Good advice
The first part of the hike follows a historical road, while the rest follows a path.

Description of the hike
A nice hike on a historical road, with information signs on cultural history alongst the way. The road is suitable for motorised wheelchairs. However, the road ends at Søvik, and the hike continues on to a path.

You will find information on Likleitet, Søvikkleiva and Hellenaustet posted underway.

Wheelchair users:
The first part is suitable for motorised wheelchairs. The latter part is not.

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