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Hiking trip: Ådland to Bjørnåsen, down til Erikajorda

Ådland - Bjørnåsen - Erikajorda
Ådland - Bjørnåsen - Erikajorda
Ådland or Erikajorda in Reistad

Hiking map
Orienteering map (click here to download (PDF, 748 kB))

Starting and ending points
Ådland or Nordbygda grendahus (public house)

Parking lot by the church at Ådland, or by Nordbygda grendahus

Marked forest road and path


Height difference
300 meters

Distance and amount of time necessary
About 2.5 km (1.5 miles), the hike takes about 2 hours in total

Good advice
The first part of the hike follows a forest road, before it continues onto a path. Steep terrain at the beginning and towards the end.

Description of the hike
This is an exciting hike for children with nice detour possibilities on the way, including a «Tarzan track» in the spruce forest near the beginning, and small brooks suitable for «ploppesteinar» (i.e. throwing little rocks into the water to watch the splash). There are also hollow trees, which are fun to hide in. A  vantage point towards Nordvik is equipped with a bench.

Wheelchair users:
This hike is not suitable for wheelchair users.

Publisert av Jan Erik Boge. Sist endra 20.07.2011
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